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The Coach You Know's Mission , Values & Beliefs

My Mission and Goal as your fitness, nutrition Coach and Mentor is to coach moderation, not fads or extremes. Exercise should not damage you. Coaching and mentorship pave way for total transformation 

Take the QUIZ to see where YOUR Relationship with food is and where Your metabolism is, right now

Let’s learn how we can RAMP it up, My approach empowers you to lose weight while still eating your favorite foods.!

My Values & Beliefs!

As a coach utilizing the 4 Pillar Coaching Method, my personal values guide and shape the way I approach coaching, fostering a supportive and transformative environment for individuals. Here are the key values that underpin my coaching practice:

The Coach You Know Winneth Dube Oly

My Credentials

  • Certified as a Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, fitness instructor since 2009.
  • I have taken extra certifications and courses to teach
  • I am an Olympian, specialized in sprints events Track and Field for more than 15 years 
  • I have worked as a coach for different sports and coached athletes of all levels 
  • I have owned and operated various personal training studios and boutique fitness studios 
  • I have worked in gyms, fitness studios at different level of my career 

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Winneth is an inspiring fitness instructor - pushing me outside of my comfort zone to help me achieve my fitness goals - without hurting my 40-year-old muscles and bones!

She is great at helping all fitness participants with their technique, keeping us out of harm's way by ensuring we're doing the fitness moves in the correct way, but also making sure our technique makes our bodies work hard and get fit at the same time.

Williamson Karla

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I would highly recommend Winneth as a personal trainer. She has immense technical knowledge and expertise of the physical and psychological aspects of fitness and training. She provides a wide variety of workouts that are consistently challenging and motivating with visible results. She is clearly very passionate about what she does and she strives to help each and every participant achieve success. You will be hard pressed to find a better trainer in this city!!

Anna Brassard

Perfectly Imperfect Nutrition and Fitness Planner
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The diet-planning principles of adequacy, balance, calorie (energy) control, nutrient density, moderation, and variety are important concepts in choosing a healthful diet.
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